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Dolpo is located inside the shey-Phoksundo National Park of midwestern Nepal, behind the Dhaulagiri massif towards the Tibetan Plateau. Cut off by a series of very high passes, closed by snow most of the year. Dolpo remains a truly isolated corner of Nepal. Time has stood still here for centuries as the inhabitants of Tibetan stock continue to live, cultivate and commerce the way they have done since tome immemorial. The finally preserved eco-system encompasses a wildlife, including the blue sheep and leopard. A trek through Dolpo is an experience not easily forgotten.

Day 01 Kathmandu – Nepalgunj :

1.30 hrs flight to Nepalgunj in south-western Nepal and over night there.

Day 02 Nepalgunj- Jumla – Ghotichour :

Take 1.30 hrs flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla, on the banks of river Tila. After meeting the trekking crew, start the trek and camp at Chotichour.

Day 03 Ghotichaur – Napakhona ( 3000 m ):

A day of steady climbing throuh small villages doting the landscpe: Kunigaon, Gothigoan, Munigoan. Stop for lunch and then trek along the river to Napakhona, a small Buddhist settlement.

Day 04 Napakhona – Chaurikot ( 3000 m) :

Trek through birch and silver fire forest to Chaurikot. Scenic views of Patrasi and Jagadu Himal are visible to the north.

Day 05 Chaurikot – Bheri River Side :

Hear the roar of mighty Bheri flowing down below and above are the Kagmara ranges in the west. Pass villages inhabitated by blacksmiths and tailors.

Day 06

Bheri River Side – Garpung Khola climb gradually through lots of thorn bushes. See Hanging Glacier Peak.

Day 07

Start the trek following the river upstream. We finally cross the river by a small wooden bridge over huge rocks. This is Impeyan Pheasant country and just above us is the Kagmara peak ( 5880 m).

Day 08

Follow the Garpung Khola. The trail becomes steeper and comes to a rocky area. The Himalayan mouse-hare can be spotted here.

Day 09

The climb becomes very strenuous now until a pass at an altitude of 4850 m. descend following the river and camp on a grassy spot.

Day 10 Pungmo ( 3050 m):

Follow a trail parallel to Dorjam Khola and soon cross it. Re-enter civilization as yak herds from nearby Tibetan settlements can be seen. The area is covered in Juniper Birch and Apple trees.

Day 11 Pungmo – Phukaunso Lake ( 3600 m) :

Following Dorjam khola, again climb to sumduwa, where there are the headquarters of the Shey – Phoksundo National Park. Show our trekkign permits to the authorities there. Then proceed to the ice- cold, turquoise blue lake itself. The lake is surrounded by big red and yellow arid mountains.

Day 12 Phoksundo Lake :

Rest to admire the beauty of this great lake. Visit nearby Bon and buddhist Settlers.

Day 13 Phoksundo Lake – Bagala Pass (5090 m.) :

Go to the east through the dense forest until a clearing with some villages init. Proceeding north-eas comes to a narrow valley and make camp here.

Day 14 Bagala Pass – Numla Pass Base Camp (5190 m):

The narrow valley becomes wider and is surrounded by big glacier and blade-shaped rock cliffs. Enjow incredible views of the Kanjiroba masif to the west. Descend to Poyon Khola ( 4450 m.) and proceed on to the next pass which shall be crossed the next day. This is blue sheep country.

Day 15 Numla Pass Base Camp – Dho Tarap :

Ascend to the top of the Numla pass which opens to a beautiful valley of upper Tarap. Proceed on to the village of Dho Tarap and camp near the river.

Day 16 Dho Tarap :

Rest this is major encounter with the Dolpo people.

Day 17

Follow the Tarap Khola as the valley narrows and deep gorges dotted with caves appear. Camping for the night in one of the biggest caves possibly.

Day 18 To Lahini:

Although the distance is short to Lahini it’s the most difficult part of trek. Descend to a canyon, the trail normally washed out.

Day 19 Lahini – Tarakot ( 2400 m) :

Come to a wide valley. This is musk deer country. Laskap Khola joins here the Tarap Khola. Climb up a Kamigoan, 2950 m the winter residence of the dho Tarap people. Proceed on to Thankot at the confluence of the Tarap and Baglung Khola.

Day 20 Tarakot – Dunai (2150 m):

Continue along the Batlung Khola and across the bridge to reach Laban and proceed to Dabung.

Day 21 Duani – Jhupal :

Short walk to Jhupal and flight to Nepalgunj the next day.

Day 22 Jhupal- Nepalgunj:

Fly to Nepalgunj and connect with the flight back to Kathmandu next day.

Day 23 Nepalgunj – Kathmandu :

Take return flight to Kathmandu or drive to Chitwan for wildlife activities.