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Massive Kanchanjungha (8598m) lies on the border of Nepal and sikim. It is a rich area or Nepal for Musk Deer, blue sheep and possibly YETI, the abominable snow man. It also offers excellent
photographic views of Everest, Makalu and Kanchanjugha itself. It is inhabited by few scattered population and is a real wilderness terrain of Nepal.

Day 01. Kathmandu to Hille:</h3 Take 45 minutes flight to Birat Bagar and take a bus ride to Hille via Itahari and Dharan and rest at Hille (1822m)

Day 02. Hille to Shidua:</h3 The trail goes up to Burantse Danda and follows a ridge top towards Tamor River then it reaches to Shidua (2237m) via Jorbhatti village.

Day 03. Shidua to Door Pani:</h3 The trail follows to chitre through a forest from where panoramic views of Mt.Makalu (8356m) , Mt. Chamlang (7207m) can be seen and ends at Door pani for rest overnight.

Day 04. Door Pani to Gupha Pokhari:</h3 On this day the trail heads upward to a mountain ridge and descends down to Tinjure Phedi then continues to further passing rhododendron forest and Chauki village, afterwards reaches to Gupha Pokhari (2940m) for rest overnight.

Day 05. Gupha Pokhari to Nesum:</h3 The trail skirts around the ridte and enters into the montain range, then crosses the pass at 2980m, then descends to Nesum (1591m) via Gurja Guaun for rest overnight.

Day 06. Nesum to Taplejung:</h3 The trek descends again to Dobhan through the paddy fiels and ascends again to Taplejung (1772m) for rest.

Day 07. Taplejung to Chiruwa:</h3 It continues up to the Tamor River, sometimes steeply above the river and sometimes by the river banks, then reaches to Chiruwa Bazaar (1171m) for rest.

Day 08. Chiruwa to Sakathum:</h3 the trail continues up the Tamor River passing Thapathok then climbs over a spur and descends to cross Simbuwa Khola, a river formed by the Yalung Glacier on the south side of Kanchanjungha which reaches the headwaters of this river on the 20th day. Then it climbs over a ridge tojoin the steep and narrow Ghunsa Khola Valley and reaches to Sakathum (1626m) forrest.

Day 09. Sakathum to Amjilassa:</h3 Today the tral becomes very steep and passes the hamlets of Zonging and Ghaiya Bari a difficult climb with several outercroppings. Wonderful views of Ghunsa Khola flowing below can be seen from the high spots then, it ends at Amjilassa for rest overnight.

Day 10. Amjilassa to Kyapra village:</h3 It continues along a gentle path towars Ghunsa Khola and descends to the riverbed, then reaches to Kyapra village (2730m) for rest after a steep climb of about 300 metres.

Day 11. Kyapra Village to Ghunsa Village:</h3 The trek descends and makes an easy climb up to the bank of Ghunsa Khola then the trek leves the river and climbs a short hill to a broad meadow. After phere village the trek enters to rhododendron forest and climbs a gentle hill before descending again to Ghunsa Khola then reaches to Ghunsa village for a night halt.

Day 12. Ghunsa village to Khambachen:</h3 The trek descends to the riverbed and enters into a forest area from where the Jannu Glacier can be seen ahead. It climbs again steeply over a hill, then finally gets the view of Mt. Jannu (7594m) or The Mystery Peak or The Terror. It descens again to Khambachen (4069m) for night camp.

Day 13.</h3 Rest day for excursion around.

Day 14. Khambachen to Lhonk:</h3 The trek goes ahead to the edge of Kanchanjungha Glacier and crosses the lateral moraine, then it comes to the junction of Lhonak Glacier and the valley. After crossing the junction the trek ends for the day at Lhonak (7409m) and rest overnight.

Day 15.</h3 It is a daytrip to Panagpema. The views of Tent Peak (7257m), Nepal Peak (7060m), and Kanchanjungh are the rewarding views before reaching to Pangpema.

Day 16.</h3 Today there are two passes to cross between Simbuwa and Ghunsa Khola, the higher Lapang-La (4511m – 5101m) is often snow covered and a little dangerous. The trekkers have to decide whether to cross it or the lower Miring-La, in to Simbuwa Khola valley.

Day17.</h3 rest day at high camp

Day 18.</h3 The trek crosses the pass and descends to Simbuwa Khola valley. It reaches to the valley at Tseram (3661m) if crossed the Miringla; if Lapsan La is crossed, it reaches to Ramche (4204m) for rest.

Day 19. Ramche to Tseram (3661m):</h3 It is a day trip to Yalung Glacier to view the south face of Manchanjungha, then returns to Ramche, and descends to Tseram.

Day 20. Tseram to lamite Bhanjyang (3201m):</h3 The trek descends to Torontan (2943m) through rhododendron forest and rest at Lamite Bhanjyang.

Day 21.</h3 The trek descends steeply to Omja Khola and ascends again over the Dub Bhanjyuang pass (2357m) which is to cross, then descends again to Yamphudin, a village of mixed communities.

Day 22.</h3 Yamphudin to Ponphe (1652m) The trek descends to Kabell Khola then ascends again to Mamanka Limbu village. Again it descends down and crosses a bridge, then a steep climb to Ponphe for rest overnight.

Day 23.</h3 Ponphe to Khunjari (1577m) The trek climbs to the fidge and ascends again through a series of side valleys then starts to descend and reaches to Khunjari for night stop.

Day 24.</h3 The trek descends to Pha Khola and climbs steeply passing several villages and reaches to Taplejung (2237m) for night halt.

Day 25.</h3 Fly back Kathmandu and rest at the hotel.